Auditions for Singers, Ensemble, Chorus, Apprentices, Pianists, Conductors and Instrumentalists are required. Live auditions or audition tapes (recorded in the last year) will be accepted for review. Audition fee is $ 40.00 (non-refundable), payable at the time of audition or enclosed with audition tape.

LIVE AUDITIONS: To reserve your live audition: Click this link to complete the application form online. Choose your city and give us some details about roles you are interested in plus references. Pay the application fee. We will reply with your audition date and time. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Reserve Now

VIA EMAIL AUDITION: (Suggested) submitt electronically your arias or pieces

TAPE AUDITION: If you cannot be present for a live audition and prefer instead to send a tape, CD or YouTube link, please find below a checklist for all necessary application materials:

1) Head Shot

2) Rèsumè

3) Repertoire List

4) Audition fee ($40). Please pay it online now. 

5) Audition tape, CD, or a YouTube link.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed

No later than 15 days after you sent your material, we will notify you about your acceptance. Whether you have a live audition appointment or will send in a recording, don’t forget to fill out the Online Application Form.


Send tapes, rèsumè and all your material at the address below:

International Lyric Academy in Italy

PO Box 65501

West Des Moines IA – 50265

Cell. Ph. +1 323 595 0890



Singers: Two Italian arias or art songs One piece must be sung in Italian; a second piece in italian or in another language of your choise.

Pianists: A solo work demonstrating your technical and musical development or a collaborative performance with a singer (operatic aria or art song)

Conductors: Videos of your conducting work including:

1) One Symphonic work or excerpt / movement (if no symphonic work choose one opera example)

2) One operatic work or excerpt / scene (if no operatic work choose one symphonic example)

Orchestra Professors: Please include 2 unaccompanied or accompanied pieces of your choice that best showcase your talents and abilities. We strongly encourage chamber ensembles to apply as a group to be featured in concert performances throughout Veneto.


For application materials and general information, please consult our website or contact us.