Musical Theater Program

Musical Theater Program

Want to train for Professional Musical Theatre in Italy this summer of 2022?

International Lyric Academy has been the premier Summer Training Program in Europe for over 28 years for Classical Singers and Musicians. Now, ILA has a unique opportunity for High School and College and Adult Musical Theatre Performers in an intensive Summer Training Program in Italy with Broadway pros, culminating in an industry showcase performance. Space is limited. The International Lyric Academy Musical Theatre Summer Training Program (MTSTP) is a professional, intense environment in which 15 Musical Theater performers High School through Adult  hone their skills on stage, in showcases, in the studio and in seminars while in Italy. This unique opportunity to bring Musical Theatre to an international audience while studying with some of the finest faculty in the world. The MTSTP trains students in courses such as Acting/Scene Study, Musical Scene Study, Vocal Performance, Vocal Technique, Dance Program, Audition Technique, and the Business of Theatre. This program is for High School thru Adult.

OUR PROGRAM Unique benefits of our exceptional program include:

  • Daily Classes
  • 1 showcase performances
  • Master Classes & Workshops
  • Meetings with Agents, Casting Directors
  • Private Voice Lessons 2 week
  • Headshot Session

PROGRAM DATES: June 27- July 7, 2022

OUR FACULTY  is a mixture of professionals from the theatrical world who are skilled teachers in their discipline, i.e. acting, voice, or dance. They have high expectations and provide an intense, but nurturing environment in which to train. Upon completion of the program each student will receive a written evaluation including ongoing goals, from each teacher in each class- an invaluable tool for future development.

Lisa Kay Fletcher 

Laura Reyes 

David Fiorello

Karla Kash

Rebecca Steinke

Thomas Michael Allen

Christine Blanner

APPLICATION DEADLINE Applicants are encouraged to apply on or before February 1 for casting consideration. Following this round of auditions, further applications will be accepted on a per case basis.  


  1. Complete online Application form HERE
  2. You will be contacted within 48 hours.


  • Select two or more contrasting Musical Theatre vocal selections that demonstrate your ability to act and sing. We ask that you have cut and noted sheet music ready to supply an accompanist. If you are doing an online audition, you must perform with a live pianist or an instrumental track. (no acapella, no pre-recorded voices)


  • Please bring a contemporary monologue no more than 1 minute long.
  • There will not be a Dance Audition
  • All selections should be memorized

Musical Preparation and Placement As a student in the Musical Theatre Program, you are expected to bring the following items:

  • Dance/jazz shoes for an indoor dance floor
  • All-black clothes and shoes
  • Clothes for class and rehearsal
  • 8″ x 11″ notebook, folder, pencil, eraser, black sharpie, and highlighter
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Towel or yoga mat
  • Hair ties, clips, or pins (hair must be kept out of eyes)
  • Tape recorder or phone recording app (optional)


You are permitted to bring laptops, computers, tablets, etc., although it is not required. Wi-Fi is not available everywhere!  Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to keep your items safe. Professional Classroom Preparation and Etiquette: General Attire

  • We ask that students dress appropriately and wear their hair out of their face.
  • Consider straight-legged yoga pants and a nicely cut tank top. Gym shorts or sweats are also welcome if worn appropriately (i.e., not oversized). See-through leggings, sagging pants, crop tops, or anything that reveals undergarments is unacceptable. We strongly recommend not wearing jeans, zippers, belt buckles, or dangling jewelry.
  • For acting class, please wear well-fitting clothing that doesn’t inhibit your full range of motion. Students will work barefoot in acting class.
  • For dance class, please come prepared with proper jazz shoes (indoor dance shoes only) and form-fitting pants/tights or leotards. Again, undergarments should not be visible at any time.

Showcases and Productions Costuming During the showcases and performances, you will need to wear professional black stage apparel. Please remember that not all black clothing is alike. Make sure that your black stage clothing is nontransparent onstage under lights (i.e., thick, high-quality material only, and no holes, frayed edges, or distressed clothing). All performers must wear pants and T-shirts or long-sleeved shirts (i.e., no tank tops, dresses, or skirts). Student footwear must be dance appropriate, black, and clean (i.e., no low-cut necks, belly shirts, crop tops, or low-rise pants). We also ask that students wear dark undergarments and socks. Additional costumes will be provided.

Casting Once registered for the program, Performers will receive a survey a few weeks in advance of attending, which will better inform their placement and schedule.  Casting assignments will be given by mid-April/ Performers will be contacted regarding roles assignments, solo pieces etc. and must be fully memorized prior to arrival.

Sample Curriculum Core Classes

  • Voice (Private lesson twice a week)
  • Dance and Movement for the Stage
  • Acting Technique

Musical Theater Master Classes & Workshops Options All master classes are open to the public. Musical Theater and Opera Master Classes welcomes performers candidates from both programs to participate.

Making an Impression: In this audition workshop, find out how to nail your next audition, from choosing your repertoire, introducing yourself, and presenting your head shot and resumé to the many other dos and don’ts of audition etiquette. Bring your own sheet music and two contrasting selections (ideally 16–32 bars each) in the correct key. Headshots and resumés are encouraged as well.

Improvisation: The beauty and danger of live performance is that you never know what’s going to happen. What if your scene partner forgets his lines, or worse, doesn’t make his entrance, and you have to ad-lib for five minutes? In this workshop, you will practice how to think clearly on your feet, live in the moment, collaborate, and say “yes, and….”

Mixing, or How to Sing with your Whole Voice: One essential goal for a theater singer is to sing in one full voice throughout the vocal range, keeping the voice both conversational and beautiful. Mixing also includes singing over or through your “break.”  In this workshop, learn how to make your singing voice an extension of your speaking voice while maintaining healthy technique.

Monologue Workshop: Whether on stage or at an audition, performing a monologue demands deep character work and text analysis. Bring in a monologue to perform, ideally one that is memorized, and get pointers on your interpretation. For those without prior material or experience, a few script options will be provided for a cold reading.

Stage Combat: Learn the fundamentals of an art that dates back centuries, and find out how to simulate fights onstage while escaping without a scratch. These skills could come in handy for shows from West Side Story to Heathers: The Musical.

Where Do I Go from Here?: After this exciting, intensive program you may be asking yourself how you can continue to develop your craft, boost your morale, and prepare for a career in musical theater. What further training do you need, and what does it take to be a professional? In this class, engage in a faculty-led group discussion while sharing strategies with your peers.

Sample Schedule Please note: The following schedule and course descriptions are only a sample and are subject to change. You will receive personalized schedules on the first day of the program.

  • 10:00      Full company warm-up
  • 10:30      Voice
  • 11:00      Voice
  • 12:00      Music Rehearsal
  • 1:00        Lunch
  • 2:00        Siesta
  • 4:00        Elective Workshops-Coachings
  • 5:00        Stage or Concert Rehearsal

Private lessons are scheduled 1-2X weekly and posted every week. Master Classes times vary.

Program length: 10 Days
Program dates: June/July 2022
Registration fee: $40*
Tuition & Housing $3500 includes 4 Star hotel with roommates, walking distance of the theater and rehearsal room, but does not include airfare and meals.
Arrive in Venice Airport June 27, flight should arrive prior to noon.
Depart Venice Airport July 7. Flights depart  after 8 .a.m.(Shuttle arrives at Airport at 6 a.m.)
Age range: High School Track, College/Adult Track

*Nonrefundable and nontransferable. Program information subject to change To review information about all our programs, please click the corresponding link on the menu above. To review information about all our programs, please click the corresponding link on the menu above.     cancellation policy


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