Cancellation Policy

The Fee for the ILAR Program will be not refundable.If the participant withdrawals from the program for any reason after their role is accepted and their tuition is paid with a down payment or in full, absolutely no refunds, in part or in full, will be given.  What will be offered, is the opportunity to attend the program the year after your withdrawal, using 10% of the tuition paid the previous year.

In the case of cancellation on the part of ILA , be it the responsibility or not of the VITERBO ARTEMUSICA, tuition will be refunded without penalty.

The Management and Artistic Direction of VITERBO ARTEMUSICA (Tuscia Operafestival) are not responsible for any cancellations of concerts or performances with orchestra due to bad weather (rain and any other meteorological disturbance). The organization will reschedule cancelled events if possible.


Additional Terms and Conditions

International Lyric Academy Summer Opera Training Program is open to all nationalities participants and has no age limit. For students that are underage, family will need to request a parent’s authorization to signe. All participants in the International Lyric Academy Summer Opera Training Program will perform concerts within Tuscia Operafestival.

Dress for general Concerts are suits and ties for men (in Orchestar Concerts Tuxedo is required), gowns for women both for concerts and orchestra.  

All Partecipants are requested to sing in the Chorus of Mozart Requiem unless previously arranged with Artistic Direction of the Academy. Please bring also all black (elegant/appropriate length/shoulders coverage if we play in a Church) to wear for any chorus concerts.

Tuscia Operafestival and International Lyric Academy does not assume any risk or damage arising from the activities of the participants in the program.

The organization is not responsible for any damage to persons and property which may occur during the period of the program and all partecipants needs to have their own certificate of insurance.

Participating in International Lyric Academy Summer Opera Training Program requires the unconditional acceptance of  regulations above and the release for use photos and filming of lectures, concerts and any other event related to the Festival activity, without any rights resulting from this use by the program participants enrolled.