Help aspiring artists prepare for the next step in their professional career in the country where opera was born! For 26 years, International Lyric in Italy has provided an incredible opportunity for hundreds of aspiring opera singers to develop their career. Your financial support would help enable students to participants in International Lyric Academy in Italy.



Your donation helps ILA Program offer scholarships to today’s most-promising Singers, Pianists, Conductors and instrumentalists. With your support, the unique ILA training Program experience can continue to help young musicians transition from educational preparation to professional careers.

Give help to ensure the future of music tomorrow: ILA is an excellent Summer Training Program for young Singers, Pianists, Conductor and orchestra Professors designed to bridge the gap between their educational preparation and a professional career. The ILA Program is held since 1994 in the inspiring atmosphere of Italy, where the Opera was born.

Come to Italy and see what ILA is about: Donors are invited to travel to Italy to observe the activities that create the ILA Experience and to enjoy the young artists’ performances. The city of Vicenza, is located twenty-minutes from Venice.



ILA advances the careers of Singers, Pianists, Conductor and instrumentalists by providing unique training to make the transition from their educational preparation to professional careers. The ILA summer program is an experience of a lifetime.

ILA supports the most-promising Artists: ILA auditions hundreds of musicians around United States and selects the best promising Artists. Many of our Alumni are now famous Opera Singer! (see our Alumni section).



Plan Your contribution on Talent: The ILA Program receives contributions from individuals and families who want to support the career of young Singers, Conductor, Pianists and Musicians in general.

You can choose how to help:

Sponsor an individual student participant or offer scholarship for an exceptional aspiring artist such as:

– Opera Singers

– Orchestra Professors (Instrumentalists)

– Soloists (to play Symphonic Concerts with our Orchestra)

– Conductors

– Stage directors

– Pianists

– A specific voice type, Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Countertenor, Sopranista

If you you wish to support a specific aspect of the program you can choose between:

– Sets

– Costumes

– Orchestra

– An entire opera production

– A full series of Symphonic Concerts


We hope you’ll help lay the foundation for a new generation of aspiring Opera Artists!