A Typical Day

A typical day at ILA

Our well-rounded summer program provides our singers with the full package of current and professional training. Mondays-Saturdays host a variety of lessons, workshops, rehearsals and concerts. Schedules are given just as in Italian theaters.

Staging technique for Singers: morning movement courses highlighting the value of body connection during  the rehearsals for the full Opera productions.

Italian Language: a 3-week introductory Italian language course with a specific focus on audition language. Essential for singers auditioning in Italy.

Individual and Small Group Lessons & Coachings: Our singers work individually with house faculty and visiting professors, as well as in supportive small groups to grow peer learning skills. These sessions are aimed at developing solid vocal technique and artistry.

Masterclasses: World class singers, teachers, directors and agents will give you guidance on how to improve your vocal technique and successfully audition. They will show what is needed to succeed at each level, from university productions to the Scala di Milano. These provide ILA singers the necessary tools to shape the future of opera.

Production Rehearsals: ILA rehearsal schedules are that of a professional opera house in Italy, where schedules are given weekly.

Opera Gala & Opera Performances: ILA hosts minimum 2 Opera Gala Concert in Teatro Comunale di Vicenza in addition to the 4 Opera performances. Here our singers have the opportunity to improve their technique, stage presence, performance practice and sing their dream arias.

Excursions: Group city events such as a bus tour of the city, or nearby Venice will be arranged by ILA upon request and per approved cost. We try to schedule at least one free day a week (Sunday) according with the program rehearsals needs, to explore Vicenza and Venice and its incredible culture, nightlife and music.