Youth Italian Music Immersion


Italian Music Immersion Program Piano, Vocal, Strings




This is a two-week music intensive program held in the heart of the Etruscan city of Tarquinia, Italy. This summer course is designed for beginning to intermediate music players of all ages. The program will focus on improving musicality and growing repertoires while gaining invaluable performance experience in a place where its culture and history are rich with music. The program will offer daily lessons in the Italian language hosted in a local café in the middle of the ancient part of the city. Piano or voice lessons will be given at numerous times throughout the week and will be intense and focused.

In addition to normal private instruction, at least two additional master classes will be offered with incredibly talented and experienced staff from the International Lyric Academy in Rome and Viterbo, requiring each student to perform a piece for an audience and guest teacher in one of Viterbo’s amazing performance venues. The student will then receive critique and instruction through a short workshop with the guest teacher. This learning experience will vastly improve one’s performance ability.

The performances will differ in time and place throughout Viterbo and possibly other surrounding cities. Some venues include ancient outdoor piazzas, charming café settings, and awe-inspiring 10th century cathedrals. The culture in Italy tends to favor the later evening, and as such concerts will be held as late as midnight or as early as 7:00 PM. The crowds are welcoming and the experience unforgettable. Students will enjoy free admission to the amazing concert season ILAR has lined up for this summer. Please take advantage. Opera under the Italian stars is absolutely breathtaking.

Students (and parent/guardian/chaperone) will stay in Hotel just outside of the city walls. It is close, but walking is part of the experience and it’s how to keep the gelato and pasta from having too much of an effect, so bring comfy shoes. Even though it’s only about a 10-minute walk to the other end of the whole city, it seems to be enough to keep things in check, and yet not over-exert oneself. The rooms are nice, comfy and clean and the entire city is very safe; A very welcoming Italian accommodation for two July weeks.


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